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Grow & Personalize

Automate workflow - Design, sell, and print custom products faster & Increase customer experiences better than ever before!

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Accelerate your business to the next level

Create and sell personalized eCommerce products faster & easier on E-Commerce platforms

Streamline your Management & Business Automation more effectively & efficiently.

Product Management System​

Streamline your process and speed up your workflow with our Product Management Dashboard and bulk action features.

Create New Personalized Products From Scratch

Create normal or personalized products from the beginning. You can import existing product catalogs from popular fulfillment suppliers or define your own custom templates based on your needs.

Create and Manage Product Templates

Easily combine various types of products in a product template and quickly duplicating products.

Bulk Action Features

Provide the tools to perform bulk updates to your products list from editing, deleting to duplicating. This makes the process a lot quicker and easier.

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Product Management System
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Personalization Options scaled

Personalization Options

Let your customers’ imagination fly high! Enhance your product with the most cutting-edge personalization options.


Star Map


Street Map

Personalize Text with Diverse Effects

With text personalization, Dastomize offers a wide range of effects for your stunning designs such as Stroke, Shadow, Pattern, Gradient, etc.

On top of that, Font & Color Selection On Frontend feature will max out customer’s creativity.

Multiple Artworks Selection

You can add artworks as many as you want in a design template.

Mockup Studio

No longer need to waste tons of time and cost in searching for desired mockups or manipulating heavy psd files.

Create stunning and unique mockups with ease

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Mockup Editor Generator

Multi Print-areas Adding

→ Add up to 5 print-areas in a mockup setting.
→ Use the Collage tool to combine different print-areas in an organized layout.

Print-area Editor

Make your mockup after render become more lively
→ Brush/Eraser
→ 3D Mesh Warp
→ Effects layers: Overlay, Shadow, Highlight, Color mask
→ Blending Mode

Mockup Editor & Preview

→ Create a mockup, and quickly get a preview of your final design.
→ Be creative with Mockup Editing tools: Crop, rotate, resize, flip.
→  And make it even more unique with Effects & Filters.

Mockup Generator

Mockups are easily linked to desired product type and automatically rendered when you create a new product.

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Choose from hundreds of designer-made mockups

We offer a wide variety of high-resolution visual assets, ranging from eye-catching E-commerce flat lays to trendy lifestyle mockups.

Product Page Optimization

Make your E-Commerce store stand out and truly create a unique experience for your customers.

Dynamic Live Preview

Instead of a static and boring product picture, we shows exactly what customers will receive with Live Preview feature. 

No more customer confusion or returns!

We offer 2 live preview settings for personalized products.

Direct Preview

Popup Preview

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Custom Fields Display settings scaled

Customize Everything

Intuitive display options such as thumbnail swatch, color swatch, dropdown, button and more are available to bring out the best fit for your custom fields.

Full Control Over Your Product Page Layout

Style your product page to match your site’s branding from Button Style to Input Label Style, or even Watermark URL Settings.

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Web-to-Print Solution

A ready-for-print files for your orders is created automatically!

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Web to Print Solution
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Order Management System

Order Management System

Tracking and processing orders couldn’t be easier with our intuitive Automatic Order Management Dashboard.

Our app can fulfill not only in-app orders but also orders from outside sources (in some manual, specific cases and marketplace orders such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.).

Grow More with Dastomize

Boost customer acquisition & retention, and develop capabilities to predict the future.

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User Activity Log & Mail Log

User Activity Log & Mail Log

Easily filter the Activity Log by specific activity types that are relevant to what you're looking for.

Use Email Log Search to find and review email messages sent and received by users.

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Email & SMS Marketing Integrations

Email & SMS Marketing Integrations

Seamless integration with Klaviyo Email Marketing & Twilio SMS Marketing to store customer's personalized design, capture leads and abandoned personalized cart,...

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Lightning Fast Search

Lightning Fast Search

Search for all resources instantly in apps (orders, products, customers, libraries, fonts, ...) using Elasticsearch Technology. 

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Quantity-Based Diverse Personalization Bundles

Quantity-Based Diverse Personalization Bundles

Set up Quantity of personalization templates for an unlimited number of product's attributes.

Integrations & Partners

Fulfillment Providers
App Integrations
E-Commerce Platforms
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Plans & Pricing

Select a service plan that best suits your business needs.

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Your Dastomize Usage

Enter your Average Number of Orders per month to calculate your estimated costs:

personalized orders & orders managed by Dastomize / month

Base Fee ($39/month) +  Transaction Fee (billed monthly) for every order fulfilled and processed with Dastomize App.

  • Free transaction fee for first 20 orders
  • $0.4 transaction fee up to 200 orders
  • $0.3 transaction fee up to 1,000 orders
  • $0.2 transaction fee up to 5,000 orders
  • $0.1 transaction fee from 5,001 orders and above.

Billed Monthly

Pay As You Go:


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Dastomize for?

Dastomize is perfect for eCommerce & Print-on-demand businesses of all sizes – whether you’re a seller wanting to create and sell personalized print-on-demand products faster, or an entrepreneur wanting to keep multiple stores well-organized and streamline your business working process, Dastomize is a great fit.

What can I use Dastomize for?

The majority of our users use Dastomize for:

– Make existing products personalized.

– Create new personalized products from scratch.

– Fulfill order (both personalized and non-personalized products).

– Get Web-to-Print Solution.

– Final Ready-for-print file.

Is there a free trial available?

Yes, there is a 15-day free trial with FULL features included for you to explore and experience Dastomize.

How do I integrate Dastomize into my E-Commerce site?

You’ll get everything you need to add it to your store if you sign up for a Dastomize account. We offer flexible pricing options based on your business needs including tier-based pricing based on your store’s monthly orders.

You can also reach out to our Customer Success Team for help. Our skilled team will assist you with inquiries about pricing and integration to guarantee that everything runs well in your store.

Can I use Dastomize on multiple stores?

Yes! You can connect as many stores as you like.

Is it compatible with any kinds of WooCommerce Theme?

Yes, it’s compatible with any well-coded WooCommerce themes, including Flatsome / Astra / OceanWP / Divi / Storefront / Neve / Shoptimizer / … and Shopify themes, such as Dawn / Expanse / Prestige / Turbo / Impulse / Flex / …

However, due to the complex nature of WooCommerce and open source platforms, it may require a small CSS tweak. Therefore, you can add the Dastomize’s supporters to your store as Admin and we will support you with the compatibility issues on your website.

Hear from Your Peers

Personalization makes a significant difference for your customers, as they have already discovered.

This is a fantastic software, especially from the standpoint of my buyers, who can easily customize their purchases. Also, many thanks to the support team. They are quick to respond and has been really helpful with my problems.
Austin M.
I used to have a bunch of different tools I had to pay for, with Dastomize you get everything in one bundle.
Julie Bunea
Product Executive
The app exceeds my expectations, it's simple to use, and it's been quite useful in creating personalized things. The support team was really helpful in helping me with the settings. They were able to assist me in getting this up and running in a timely manner! I have a lot of products and required a lot of help. Thanks again.
Richard Harris
Totally new in POD field but this app helped me a lot when I started opening a new store. It has all the personalized options that I need. Highly recommend this app for newbies.
Anna Gilbert
Store Owner