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Personalization Made Easy​

Effectively manage products

top-notch customer experience

The “Live Preview” function let customers get updated when they change their selection. There will be no more customer misunderstandings or refunds.

Create Remarkable Personalized products for your store

empower your product with the most creative personalized options from text, photo, clipart, and map styles with a user-friendly interface


Your customers can design their glamorous photos appear on wide range of products such as mug, t-shirt, canvas, etc. You simply choose photo mask type and start creating.


Feel free to let your customers enter their special messages with our custom text option. All you need to do is just one click on the text icon for full design control.


With our seamless workflow, you can upload and manage the settings of all clipart images easily and quickly. Moreover, the logical condition feature helps you show and hide options base on your interest

Star Map & City Map

This powerful feature is a perfect choice for your customers, especially, couples who want to embrace their special place in star map or city map style. Choose map type and start defining.

a versatile platform
for product management and Order Management

create and manage product templates

Freely define your own products depending on your needs or use products from popular fulfillment suppliers. Easily combine various types of products in a product template.

streamline fulfillment process

Automate fulfillment your orders via API. Dastomize can fulfill in-app orders and orders from outside sources (in some manual,  Amazon, Etsy, etc.). This seamless process is completely automatic.

time-saving with bulk action feature

We provide the tools to perform bulk updates to your products list from editing, deleting to duplicating. This will increase your productivity and simplify the process.

Automatic Order Tracking

As soon as order is fulfilled, Dastomize will sync order tracking ID to hub and then send automatically email notification to buyer. Both sellers and customers can track their orders.

Convenient Product Filter

Our app both gives a wide range of product filters by preview settings, product type, fulfillment, etc., and applies the elastic search technology, which helps you efficiently search and manage products.

Flexible final design editing

Moreover, we also can interfere directly to change files ready to print in case your customers want to change custom information, even they pressed add to cart button.

bring satisfaction to your customer
with our stunning interface

let your customers visualize the final product with live product preview

show or hide options with layer condition

Ready-to-print File

After a customer purchases your customized product, you will receive the customization data as well as the final design image. This is a print-ready file so you won't need to re-design.