Our Team

Brilliant Team Builds Awesome Products

That's What Makes Us Different!

Helen Nguyen

Marketing Manager

Thalia Phan

Product Growth Manager

Queenie Doan

Customer Success Manager

Charlotte Van

Customer Success Executive

Noctis Nguyen

Chief Technology Officer

Rothschild Huynh

Senior Back-End Software Engineer

Hung Nguyen

Senior Front-End Software Engineer

Lambert Truong

Senior UI/UX Designer

Team Core Values & Spirits

Technology Orientation

We obsessively apply cutting-edge technology for the core of each software we made, that helps our customers leverage the performance & resources to scale.


We always keep honest, transparent and positive attitudes towards what we do, towards our customers, partners & investors.

Customer Centricity

Customer Experience Is Always Our Top Priority. We always believe that the success of our clients will also be our success and motivation to move forward.

Open Mindset

High perceptivity to new ideas and opportunities


Willingness to embrace challenges, dare to fail to learn from mistakes and dare to win to ride the wave. There are no failures, all is just experience on the journey.


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